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Opportunity to Support the School

We have a great team of governors who work closely with staff to maintain high standards at our school and to shape future developments. We are currently looking to recruit new governors to bring new skills, interests and ideas to our team. You do not need any qualifications to be a governor, just an interest in education and the ability to give some of your time. If you think there is a possibility you would be interested, please come and talk to Mrs Lovelock to find out more about the role without making any commitments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Governing Body

Current Governors




Term of Office

Andrew Boakes Chair Co-opt 31/10/16 - 30/10/20
Deborah Bradwell   Co-opt 28/01/19 - 27/01/20
Kelly Broderick   Co-opt 28/6/18 -   27/06/19
Diane Cawthorn   Associate (staff) 31/10/16 - 30/10/20
Kenneth Darlington   Parent 28/01/19 - 27/01/20
Sarah Dobbs   Associate 28/01/19 - 27/01/20
Michelle Finch   Staff 22/11/17 - 21/11/21
Emma Fordham   Staff 31/10/16 - 30/10/20
Richard Kelly Vice Chair LEA 26/02/18 - 25/02/22
Judith Lovelock   Headteacher 31/10/16 - 30/10/20
Kim McDowall   Co-opt 27/06/19 - 26/06/23
Heidi Nash   Co-opt 02/07/19 - 01/07/23
Helen Smith   Parent 26/02/18 - 25/02/22

Governors who Served in the Year 18/19





Term of Office

Victoria Maddox   Co-opt   07/11/17-24/07/19

Instrument of Government

Staff governors 2
Parent 2
Co-opt 7
Associates no limit if skills are needed by governing body

Governors in post

Staff governors       3
Parent 2
Co-opt 5
Headteachers 1
Associates 2

Vacancies: Co-opted Governors

Copies of full governing body minutes are available from the Almond Hill Junior School office.  Attendance at governing body meetings is minuted in these documents.

Governors are appointed following a meeting with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors.  Recommendation is then made to the full governing body and a request for them to approve the appointment.

Governor Committees - September 2018

Finance, Personnel and Premises

Judith Lovelock Andrew Boakes Heidi Nash
Diane Cawthorn               Richard Kelly               

Governor Roles

Andrew Boakes             Safeguarding. Premises    
Kelly Broderick Pupil Premium
Michelle Finch Child Protection
Richard Kelly Pupil Premium, Maths
Kim McDowall Child Looked After
Helen Smith   Literacy


  1. Governor Declarations 2018
  2. Governor Biographies