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Individualised Learning

Welcome to the Individualised Remote Learning Page

We have set up year group e-mails so parents can contact teachers with any learning queries. This will only be managed during the school day. Mrs Birchall can be contacted through: Any other queries should be sent to            

Please click here  for information and resources for individualised learning.

Activities to try at home

30 Day Lego Challenge - Follow the instructions for each day. The only rule is to have fun and use your imagination! 

Fine Motor Actvitites - A list of ideas to help develop fine motor skills

Sensory Activity Ideas - Children's sensory needs may become more apparent when they are out of the school routine. Here are some ways to support them. 

Keeping a Routine     

In school, we find that having a routine in place helps to reduce children’s worries and it helps them to manage their behaviour as they have clear expectations. Providing them with a visual of what the day has in store also helps them to know what is happening and in turn reduces any worries.                      

  1. Contactline poster COVID19
  2. SEND Advice Line Flyer Covid-19
  3. Supporting Children with LD & ASD with COVID Isolation