Almond Hill Junior School
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Meet the Support Staff

As well as our class teachers we have lots of other members of staff that help to support children in their learning. Although most of our support staff are based in a particularly year group, some move around the school working with different year groups(*)

Cover Supervisors

Mrs Finch              Mrs Lamacraft            Mrs Pridmore


Achievement Mentors 

Mrs Start                   Mrs Hukin


Pastoral Teaching Assistant 

   Mrs Burgess

Year 3 

   Mrs Barker               Mrs Hall                 Mrs Johnson            Mrs Wilkinson


Year 4 

 Mrs Bell*        Mrs Hodgkinson*     Mrs Salam-Khan*  


   Mrs Hewitt*     Mrs Welham*         Miss Campbell


 Year 5 

   Mrs McLellan          Mrs Pearce


Year 6 

Mrs Hodgkinson and Mrs Start help to support the learning in Year 6.