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If you missed a recent newsletter you can find a copy below.  Newsletters will be removed at the end of each term.  If there is a copy of an old newsletter you would like please ask at the office.

22nd January 2020 - Issue 18

Open Afternoon 
All parents are invited to attend our open afternoon on Thursday 6th February 1.45- 2.45pm. This is a great opportunity to see what your child has been learning. For an example of what will be shown in each year group please click here

A reminder that the vehicle gates (drop off zone and staff entrance) must not be used for pedestrian access. The pedestrian gate opening times have changed for the end of the school day – they will now open for access at 3.15pm. The drop off zone will remain the same (3.00pm). You can gain access from the drop off zone to the rest of the school grounds at 3.15pm.

‘SEND Surgeries’
Mrs Birchall, our SENCo will be running ‘SEND surgeries’ on the first Wednesday of each month where she will be available to speak to parents about any concerns they have. Appointments can be made after school 3.30 – 5.00pm for 20 minutes. Please call the office and we will happily arrange an appointment for you. Our website is regularly updated with information to help support children and their families, click here for more information.

Book Fair
Our Scholastic Book Fair is nearly here.  It will be open from Monday 27th - Wednesday 29th (inclusive) between 3.15pm - 4.00pm so come along to find the best new books and help to earn free books for our library.  The special offer for this event is £1.00 off any book over £5.00!  There are also stationery items available to purchase which are always really popular                                                                              with the children.  

Parents read too…
Since returning from the Christmas break we thought it would be nice to make the children aware that adults in the school do not just tell them to read…teachers read too!
We are currently organising a small display for the reception area where children can see what adults in the school have been reading over the holidays and a brief sentence or two about their choice of book -  why they chose that story, enjoyed it, would recommend it etc. The discussions on this by staff was so overwhelming that we thought it would be a really nice idea for parents to get a mention too! If you would like to send us details of a book you are currently reading or have read over Christmas (independently or with your child) and a few lines about it we will be happy to display alongside our own in reception. We are trying to encourage the children in developing a sense of reading for pleasure and feel that this could be a way of supporting this concept. Whilst it most certainly does not have to be a ‘childrens book’ please make sure choices are appropriate. Here are a few examples to offer some inspiration…

Mrs Osborne - 'A Bird in the hand’ by Ann Cleeves “A good old-fashioned mystery that keeps you guessing until the end”
Mrs Barker - ’The Family upstairs’ by Lisa Jewell “I have really enjoyed reading this book over the holidays and it’s a change from the books I usually read. It is a gripping thriller!”
Miss Andrews - 'The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods' by Samuel J Halpin - Honestly, I first chose to read this book as the edges of the pages have been sprayed purple! But I kept reading it because of the believable characters and the intriguing mystery of the Peggs. You'll love this book if you enjoyed the 'A Place Called Perfect' trilogy or the Murder Most Unladylike series.

Please send your name, name of the book and author and a few sentences about it to and put ‘Parents read too’ in the subject bar.

Wear what you like day
On Wednesday 26th February representatives from Herts Vision loss will be coming in and completing 2 assemblies for years 3 & 4 and years 5 & 6. During the assembly they will be doing a 20-minute presentation to the group including questions and answers. Tina talks to the children about the problems she has being blind and Vanessa talks about the work the charity does and about aids and equipment that can assist visually impaired people. To help the charity with fundraising we will be holding a ‘wear what you like day’, children pay £1- £2 to attend school in their casual clothes and the money raised is donated to Herts Vision Loss.

FOAH Meeting
FOAH had a meeting last week to discuss upcoming events and future ideas, you can find a copy of the meeting minutes on our website.

Donation Request
Mrs Burgess would like donations of old magazines for some projects she is doing with children. If you have any, please send them in - thank you.

Online Safety The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has set up its own website which has been designed and written specifically for children, young people, teachers, parents and carers.

Website Update
For learning updates for your child’s year group please click here. You will also find a new page for our support staff.

When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher’s instructions and the introduction to the lesson. Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late.

School begins at 8.55am please help your child to be punctual.​
The Local Authority has released some information of children’s attendance from last year and the impact it has on results.
% Pupil attendance record Average % of children reaching expected standard
95% - 100% 84%
90% - 95%  80%
Less than 85% 54%
Attendance figures for last week
Class winners 6C - 100%
Year 3 93.4%
Year 4 98.4%
Year 5 95.3%
Year 6 96.3%

School Gateway
With more and more being added to the School Gateway app, including links to parents evening bookings, letters, and other information, it is important for parents to download to the app to keep up to date.

Save the Date

23rd - Year 5 Stem trip 
27-29th Travelling Book Fair (3.30-4.15pm each day)
28th - Theme lunch - Chinese New Year
29th - Consulation group 9.30-10.30am
29th - Year 6 SATs parent meeting 6.00pm

3rd - Art home learning due in
6th - Open afternoon 1.30-2.45pm
WC 10th - Clubs start 
10th - 'Feeling Good' week
11th - Year 6 height and weight checks
13th - FOAH film night (details to follow)
17th-21st - Half term
26th - Wear what you like day (donations requested)

2nd - Year 4 Museum trip
3rd - Individual School Photos
4th - FOAH meeting 
8th - choir at RAH 
WC 16th - No clubs due to PTI 
16th - 5C & 5H Holy Trinity Easter Journey
17th/19th - PTIs (details to follow)
20th  - 5A Holy Trinity Easter Journey
25th - FOAH disco (details to follow)
26th - Stevenage Parliament environment day (details to follow)
31st - Last swimming session for 4C

1st - French day 
3rd - School closes at 1.00pm

In an effort to save paper from January 2020 we will no longer be sending a paper copy of the newsletter home. You can access the weekly newsletter via the school gateway app or the school website and it is also sent home via email each week. 
With our communication methods changing it is important more now than ever that we have an up to date email address for you.
If you do not see the newsletter by email on a Wednesday please contact the school office to ensure we have the correct details for you.

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