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If you missed a recent newsletter you can find a copy below.  Newsletters will be removed at the end of each term.  If there is a copy of an old newsletter you would like please ask at the office.

1st April - Issue 27

Hello to you all – well done for getting through the first week of being at home and starting to get a hold on everything and getting some routines in place. The important thing to remember, as I said last week, is that we are all different and children are all different, so what you choose to organise will be what works for you and your family.

A few of you have contacted us to say you cannot print out worksheets or are not sure of how to support your child. Please do not worry!! You do not need to print anything - children can do work from the website straight into their books or on paper. We will ensure not all activities are worksheet based.  The work we have put on the website will support learning when you and your child are ready to access it. We know some of you have children at different ages and stages of their learning and many of you are trying to work from home as well.

If a daily learning timetable works for you that is fine – if it does not or your internet is not working, your child is playing, relaxing or doing another activity (either on their own or with you), in the garden, cooking, art, singing or using another resource that is fine too! What we do recommend is daily physical activity, a regular sleep routine, play and as much fun as possible.

We also want to ensure through all of this that all members of our community remain safe. There is a range of information relating to e- safety on the website and pupil guidance in the remote learning folders. These are very challenging times for all of us and if you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please do ensure they are reported.

Some of you may be aware that at Almond Hill we have a monthly ‘value’. Looking through our list of them, I was pleased to be reminded that our ‘value’ for April is ‘Positivity’ (see website). At school we try to demonstrate our ‘value’ in our daily activities so maybe this is something you would like to try at home.

On my daily walks I have seen lots of ‘rainbows’ in windows or chalked on garden paths and driveways. Last week the children who were in school created a ‘rainbow wall’ in the playground – we thought it was great and we hope to make a permanent version when we are back!!

This is the last newsletter for the Spring term and I will be back with our next letter on 22nd April. However, you can e mail year group teachers directly with any learning related queries. Teachers will be looking at our year group e-mails (, Year 4 etc.) every day and over the Easter holiday period to support you. You can also contact Mrs. Birchall, our SENCo at

You can email if you have anything else you need to contact us for.

We all hope you all take care and remain well.

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In an effort to save paper from we will no longer be sending a paper copy of the newsletter home. You can access the weekly newsletter via the school gateway app or the school website and it is also sent home via email each week. 
With our communication methods changing it is important more now than ever that we have an up to date email address for you.
If you do not see the newsletter by email on a Wednesday please contact the school office to ensure we have the correct details for you.

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