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Our Office

Please follow the tabs on the left to find copies of newsletters, letters and other information you may find useful.

How does the school keep in touch with parents?

Miss Standley, Mrs Patterson, and Mrs Jones are your first point of contact at our school office. The office is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Messages may be left on the school answer phone when the office is closed.

In addition to a range of information that is published on our school website, the school publishes a weekly newsletter on Wednesdays – please look out for this as it contains lots of information. This along with other information and letters are published on the school website as well as being sent home with the children. The school also has a Twitter feed which is linked to the school website. As well as using School Gateway for school dinners, this is also a key method for us to send communication to you via email and text.

We aim to keep our parents fully informed of curriculum developments and events. Letters will be issued with details of specific events and these will also be published on the school website. If you wish to contact the school you can by phone 01438 233660 or by e-mail to

There may be occasions when we need to contact you urgently. It is very important that the office has details of how you may be contacted during the day and an emergency contact number. As well as filling in your admissions and parental consent forms please ensure that any change in circumstances i.e. home address, email address or medical/dietary needs are updated by filling in a change of details form at our office.

Click the link for a list of acronyms used in schools.