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Remote Learning

Whilst we are encouraging the use the internet to add children's learning please can I remind parents the importance of online safety and if you have any concerns or need advice please visit our Online Safety   page.           

I want to assure you that that our expectation for home learning is very much balanced with an expectation for relaxation, exercise and a chance to interact with your daily family activity.

We have put up a suggested timetable you might chose to follow to support routine if that is right for your child, but please remember we make adaptations for children in school so you can and will need to as well.

For the present time we have set up year group folders where you will find new learning activities each Monday. Previous learning activities will be archived, but will still be accessible so as not to confuse you.

If you have a child who finishes their daily activities then let them relax by reading a book or playing – they do not have to go on to day 2!

Parent/s carers please remember that usually learning is delivered by staff who know quite a lot about what they are teaching! If your child gets stuck or is not sure what to do, please do not let them worry or worry yourselves if you feel you cannot help them. We have set up e mails for each year group where you can ask questions about learning or your child can simply move on to something different. If you have any other queries or concerns please e mail to admin and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Staff at the school are all very keen to continue to provide a good learning experience for your children.

Please see the attachments below for the latest letters and updates 

For the latest government advice on the coronovirus outbreak please visit the following website:

Follow the link for updates on the closure of educational settings:

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