Almond Hill Junior School
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Aiming High in all we do!

School Aims and Values

School Aims

The Almond Hill community have agreed to promote the following aims:

  • To stay physically and emotionally healthy
  • To keep ourselves safe and use common sense
  • To learn to interact socially within different groups and cultures and communicate effectively including respecting everybody’s views.
  • To be literate and numerate and able to apply those skills to solve problems
  • To learn about the world and make cross-curricular links and to see the bigger picture
  • To take pride in personal appearance and presentation of work
  • Develop their capability to use a range of technology for lifelong learning
  • To recognising and developing creative skills
  • To appreciate that society needs rules and achieving self discipline

The Almond Hill community believes good learning should include:

Adult Version


Child Version

Taking ownership of your learning so that you are involved, challenged, reflective and independent  
  • Not getting it right all time
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Challenging yourself
  • Trying hard
  • Knowing you have improved
Having the opportunity to experience different roles within a variety of contexts which enable you to develop and apply  relevant and usable skills  
  • Understanding
  • Being able to work in a range of situations
  • Listening to what other people have to say
  • Asking questions
Fostering a positive attitude, being able to recognise successes and achievements and having the confidence to embrace the unknown whilst developing unique skills and talents  
  • Not giving up and believing in yourself
  • Isn’t copying someone else
Using the process of enquiry to pose and answer questions and knowing when to ask for help  
  • Asking questions
Experiencing activities that are enjoyable and capture your interest  
  • Having fun
Having the opportunity to consolidate  
  • Practising

We aim to provide an excellent education for all pupils whilst working in partnership with other local schools to provide continuity in learning and pastoral care and with parents and carers to help them support their child's education.

Monthly Values

In our everyday school life we discuss, and try to model values to support our aims and the values of life that support respect for each other and care of our community. We look at different values each month and consider what these mean and how we can show them in our actions and behaviours.

Please find the proposed order of monthly values which we will be sharing during the school year:-

September - Challenge

October - Beauty

November - Peace

December - Fairness

January - learning

February - Love

March - Responsibility

April - Loyalty

May - Leadership

June - Citizenship

July - Achievement