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Special Educational Needs

Ofsted March 2016

‘The support provided to pupils who have special educational needs or disability is effective. Teachers plan well to meet their needs, providing a wide range of activities to boost their basic skills. Outcomes for these pupils have improved because their needs are tracked and leaders use associated funding, resources and strategies effectively.’

‘Pupils who have special educational needs or disability made good progress from their different starting points in 2015 because of rigorous support and effective teaching.’


Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Birchall.


What should I do if I think my child is in need of support?

We encourage parents and carers to speak to their child’s class teacher, SENCo or the head teacher about any concerns they have.

If you would like to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s progress, please speak with your child’s teacher first as they will know your child best. Your concerns will be shared with the SENCo and the head teacher.

The SENCo offers 20-minute SEND surgery appointments every two weeks which are booked in advance so that you can speak to her about your concerns.

When does a child need additional support?

Teachers assess children’s progress to ensure teaching is planned to consolidate and extend learning. Some children need additional support to help them secure progress in areas of their work, to support aspects of their learning behaviour or social and emotional development.

Partnership with Parents

The school believes the best progress will be made when the school works in partnership with parents and in addition to meeting with their child’s class teacher, parents are very welcome to make an appointment to meet with Mrs S Birchall. You do not need to wait for your child’s parents evening to voice your concerns.

Information to supports parents. 

We regularly update our website with a wide range of courses that are available for parents and carers in our local area. As well as this, below are some links to some useful website where you can find information to help you and your child

You will find copies of our policies including that for SEND, Dyslexia and Equality on the policy page of the website.

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