Almond Hill Junior School
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Aiming High in all we do!



Year 3
Miss V. Simmons
Miss L. Coulter
Mrs  K. Bond

Year 5
Miss L. Andrews
Mrs J. Geer
Mrs H. Joannou
Miss R. Porter

Achievement Mentors
Mrs S. Start
Mrs J. Hukin


Cover Supervisors
Mrs M. Finch
Mrs S. Lamacraft
Mrs J. Pridmore


Administrative Staff
Miss K. Standley
Mrs A. Patterson
Mrs M. Jones

Midday Supervisors 
Mrs E. Choudhury, Mrs A. Cramer,  Mrs H. Salam-Khan, Mrs S. Wilkinson, Mrs L. Miles, Mrs S. McLellan,  Mrs S. Welham, Mrs R. Bell, Mrs S. Barker, Mrs K. Johnson,
Mrs C. Roberts, Mrs F. Pearce, Mrs C. Hewitt, Mrs L. Hall Mrs S. Rahman, Mrs J. Richardson, Miss R. Harris and Miss A. Farrow



Year 4
Mrs B. Campbell
Miss L. Hayllar
Mrs R. Lyons

Year 6 
Mrs K. Cleaves
Mrs G. Osborne
Ms J. Stewart

Pastoral Lead
Mrs G. Burgess
Pastoral Teaching Assistants
Mrs R. Bell
Mrs S. Welham

Teaching Assistants/Learing Support Assistants
Mrs S. McLellan, Mrs A. Hodgkinson, Mrs H. Salam Khan, Mrs S. Barker, Mrs F. Pearce, Mrs L. Hall, Mrs K. Johnson, Mrs S. Wilkinson, Mrs C. Hewitt, Mrs J. Richardson, Miss R. Harris and Miss A. Farrow

Mr L. Browne


Miss T. O'Neill



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