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Transition Information

Information for parents of children currently in year 2 or for those children joining us in year.


School Uniform 

Uniform may be ordered online through My Clothing at - then by selecting ‘school’ and following through to customise items. Please support your child to look after their uniform by naming items clearly.

Medical and Diet Information 

It is very important that you inform us of any medical needs your child may have so we know how best to support them. 

If your child has asthma please complete the form below 'Request to Carry an Inhaer' and return to the main office.

If your child has a medical condition that requires treatment with an Epipen please fill in and return the consent form below.

If you are providing packed lunches for your child they must not include any nut products. If your child has any allergies please inform us in writing as it will be necessary for parents to complete an online application for a special diet before they start to have school lunches. We are unable to provide a school meal until this has taken place. 

  1. Year 3 welcome booklet
  2. Epipen consent
  3. Inhaler Consent
  4. Request for child to carry inhaler
  5. Acceptable Use Agreement Pupils
  6. Admission Annual Parent Consent Form
  7. Image Consent Form Pupil
  8. Free School Meal Factsheet