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Aiming High in all we do!

Year 5

Autumn 2019

Meet the Year 5 Team.

Mrs Campbell has worked at Almond Hill for 4 years whilst completing her teacher training. Last year was her first year as a qualified teacher. She lives in Stevenage and has recently got married. Mrs Campbell enjoys dance, music, theatre and writes her own poetry.



Miss Hayllar is starting her first year at Almond Hill and will be teaching in Year 5.



Miss Andrews has just finished her first year at Almond Hill where she was teaching in Year 6. Before moving here she worked in London for 3 years. 



Mrs Mclellan, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Salam Khan will be supporting us in our learning this year



2018/19 Year 5 Learning Updates

January 2019 - Spring Writing Project 



  1. Nepal Home Learning Task
  2. Moving On Open Events for Sept 2020
  3. Snow Day Work - 2019
  4. Year 5 Long Term Curriculum plans 18-19
  5. Year 5 English Long Term Plan 18-19
  6. Year 5 Maths - Long Term Plan 18-19
  7. School closure notification system
  8. E-safety advice on 'Whatsapp'
  9. TT Rockstars
  10. Supporting your child with school attendance