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Year Group Pages

Contact with Class Teachers

Please inform the office of any changes to contact details/medical information as soon as possible if you have not already done so. If you have any concern regarding your child please make an appointment after school to see the class teacher initially, or our Assistant Head, Mrs Joannou, if your child is in Year 3 or 4 or the Deputy Head, Mrs Fordham if your child is in Year 5 or 6.  For urgent matters, Mrs Lovelock is usually available at any time.  The Designated Teacher for Child Protection is Mrs Lovelock, with Mrs Fordham and Mrs Birchall as deputies. Mrs Birchall is the school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. If you have any concerns please speak to one of these members of staff.

Attendance and Punctuality

We hope all children achieve 100% attendance or as close to this figure as possible.  Regular attendance really does make a difference as does punctuality, so please support your child to be on time!  There is a copy of the school attendance policy on the website.  


Please provide your child with a book bag, pencil in the lower school and pen and pencil in the upper school. All other stationery will be provided. Pens and pencils will be on sale in school at break time (pens 50p and pencils 10p). Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every day in a PE bag.  Please do not send any other school bag into school as we do not have room in the cloakrooms, particularly in Acorn House where the cloakroom areas are really limited!!

Learning Behaviour Rewards Scheme

Behaviour for Learning skills have been exemplified in a story ‘The Fixalator Gets Fixed’ which is read to the children at the beginning of each academic year. These learning behaviours are explained and modelled and the children work towards developing them. The learning behaviours expected in each year group are outlined below:

Year 3 – Have a go, concentrate, enjoy learning.

Year 4 - Have a go, concentrate, enjoy learning, be co-operative, don’t give up.

Year 5 -  Have a go, concentrate, enjoy learning, be co-operative, don’t give up, keep improving, be curious.

Year 6 - Have a go, concentrate, enjoy learning, be co-operative, don’t give up, keep improving, be curious, use your imagination.

How the scheme works in practice

A teacher recognises that a pupil has:

Achieved each focus three times and  awards a sticker on a card for each one.

When the card is complete a silver award certificate is given in assembly.

Achieved each focus a further three times on a new card and achieve a sticker for each time.

When the gold card is complete a gold award certificate is presented in assembly.

Achieved each focus a final three times and achieve a sticker on an award card for each time.

When this card is complete learning award certificate and badge are given in assembly and parents are invited.

Good News Awards will be given to pupils by any member of staff observing good manners and politeness around the school.

Learning Behaviour Story

Please take the time to read and share our learning behaviour story, 'The Fixalator', with your children as we begin the new school year.

  1. The Fixalator