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Year 3

Autumn 2019 

Meet the Year 3 Team.


Hi, my name is Miss Porter. This will be my third year teaching in Year 3 at Almond Hill and I am also in charge of History at the school. My favourite subjects to teach are history, maths, and PE


Hi, I am Mrs Osborne and this is my first full year at Almond Hill and my first year in Year 3 at this school. My favourite subject is Science, so I can’t wait to get started teaching the science topics! I am looking forward to lots of excellent learning in Year 3, but having some fun along the way.    Bonjour! I aMy name is Mrs Osborne and I have the pleasure of teaching Year 3. I am really looking forward to meeting my new class and starting an exciting year of learning. One of my favourite subjects is Science and doing lots of interesting investigations.


My name is Miss Meek and I have been teaching for 5 years. I love to read a wide genre of books and enjoy using drama to make the stories come to life. My favourite subject is Science because there are so many exciting investigations to do which help us to find out more about the world. I love animals (dogs are my favourite) and I love to be outdoors enjoying nature. 

Mrs Johnson, Mrs Barker, Mrs Hewitt and Miss Hall will be supporting the children in their learning this year. 

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2019/2020 Year 3 Learning Update

November 2019

During November, Year Three have begun a new topic called ‘Early Survivors’. In this topic, we have been learning about life in The Stone Age and The Iron Age. We have been reading lots of cross-curricular books to learn new facts about this time, conducting historical enquiries and even having a go at making our own cave paintings! Each class have written a poem based on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which we have named ‘We’re Going on a Mammoth Hunt’ and have made our very own woolly mammoths too.

October 2019

In October, Year Three’s topic was ‘Heroes and Villains’ which began with a heroes and villains dress up day. It was fantastic to see so many children dressed up and it was a great way to start some brand new learning!

The children used the book ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ as a basis for their own hero or villain story and produced some lovely, exciting stories. We focused on using exciting adjectives to describe their character and the different places they travelled to on their journey around the world.

The children also created their own hero or villain piece of artwork. They combined pencil skills to draw a character with collage and painting to create their background.

Autumn 2019
Welcome to Year Three! The children have settled in to their new school and lots of exciting learning has begun. The learning topic for September is ‘Journeys’ which was inspired by our book in English, ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.
The children have been describing different parts of journeys that the character in the book has been on and the different modes of transport she uses to go on her journeys. In geography, we have also been looking at Journeys by developing our map reading skills to map out areas visited and plan different routes.
We are really looking forward to seeing many parents for our open afternoon on Friday 27th September where the children will be showcasing their wonderful work. Keep an eye out for exciting stories, beautiful artwork, and amazing hand drawn maps!



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