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Year 5

Autumn 2019

Meet the Year 5 Team.

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2019/20 Year 5 Learning Updates

February 2020

In English, we have practiced formal language in our writing as well as speech punctuation by becoming budding newspaper reporters publishing the details of the discovery of Sutton-Hoo. We have also really enjoyed the beginnings of our new English unit ‘MacBeth’, in particular reading lots of different interpretations and watching different summary videos, that have helped us understand the tricky narrative. The children showed fantastic efforts to understand the life of William Shakespeare, even taking day trips over the half term to the Globe Theatre and Stratford-Upon-Avon, well done!

We have approached percentages in maths with lots of our Learning Behaviours, including ‘Having a Go’ and ‘Enjoying Learning’. There is no doubt that this will help us in our money unit in PSHE, including how to be a critical consumer and the role of money in today’s economy. Role-plays of trade were lively and prompted lots of insightful discussion.

Fortunately, our skills in trading should come in handy as we begin to learn about the Vikings and their nature to trade, or to raid…

January 2020

Welcome back Year 5!
It’s been a busy term already with lots to recognise. We have been working on our whole school writing project, based around a picture book titled ‘Flotsam’.  We have tried to include all our year 5 writing targets – including parenthesis – to produce lots of descriptive writing detailing everything that goes on under water!

Maths has given us the chance to explore measures, including how to convert between different units. We have made great use of the class working walls to remind of us the measures relationships that we need for this. Through this, and the commencement of short fluency sessions, we are now starting to make connections between more areas of maths which will undoubtedly help us later on.

We really enjoyed the recent science trip to the STEM discovery centre. It was exciting to see the prototype of the ExoMarsRover and learn about its upcoming mission to Mars. The rest of the day had us rediscovering our previous science learning and grimacing our way through an informative yet gruesome show; ‘Things that make you go EW.’
We are taking a keen interest in our new topic ‘Stevenage Settlers’ which has themed our learning in History, Geography and PSHE and recently English, where we will be producing newspaper reports about the discovery of Sutton Hoo!

It is open afternoon next week so we look forward to seeing as many parents and carers as possible joining in with the sketching of some Anglo-Saxon brooches.

Spring Home Learning

Please click here for details about the Art home learning project for spring.

Year 5 December 2019

In English we finished our unit based on the book ‘Raven Boy’ we wrote a retelling of a section of the book using similes, parenthesis and speech punctuation, we were really proud of how well we showcased our skills! At the end of term our teachers read us the rest of the book and we were surprised by the ending! We are looking forward to starting our new unit on the picture book ‘Flotsam’ and writing our competition entries. 


In Maths we finished the year by looking at fractions. We can now add and subtract fractions with different denominators and are looking forward to building on these skills in the new year.

In Science we completed our unit on forces by looking at friction and the effects that it has on our daily lives and then learning about how cogs, levers and pulleys work. In January we will be starting a term long unit on Materials and have our long-awaited science trip to Airbus which includes seeing the Mars Rover! 

We have been working on our map reading skills in Geography, as well as using Google Earth to see how land use in the Amazon rainforest has changed over the last 100 years. We have learnt many facts about the rainforest biomes and have been able to compare it to others such as deserts and tundra. We are very excited about starting our first history unit this year – The Anglo Saxons! 

In RE we ended the year by thinking about symbols in religions, specifically light. We considered what light meant to us and why it might be important to others. We read extracts from the bible and considered why light was used as a symbol and a metaphor.

Next term we will be starting our new topic-based learning! Our topic for Spring 1 is: Stevenage Settlers and will encompass History, Geography, PSHE and some of our reading and writing learning. We are very excited to start doing more cross curricular work!

A reminder that we like to go outside for break and PE wherever possible, so please make sure children have clothing suitable for the weather
We hope you all had a restful Christmas break and look forward to seeing you in 2020!
The Year 5 team

Year 5 November 2019

In English we have been reading ‘Raven Boy’ a book set in 1666 to the background of the plague and the great fire of London. We have expanded our vocabulary by looking at this historical novel and have used it help us with parenthesis, suspense, apostrophes and speech punctuation in our writing. As we go into December we will be rewriting part of the story in our own words, using all of these skills.

In Maths we have been practising using the formal methods of addition and subtraction for increasingly large numbers, including finding missing digits. We have revised short multiplication and have learnt how to do long multiplication as well – realising just how important it is to practise our multiplication facts regularly! This last week we have looked at long division, thinking about how we can interpret remainders as fractions or decimals. We are looking forward to learning about fractions in December!

In Science we have really enjoyed doing lots of experiments to investigate the forces we have been looking at, including gravity, air resistance and water resistance. We have really expanded our scientific vocabularies and our investigation skills.

We were all really glad that lots of parents could join us for our last music lesson of ‘Old School Hip Hop’. We hope that you enjoyed singing, finding the beat and playing instruments with us. Lots of practise had gone on during the weeks prior to your visit and we are proud that we have begun to develop our improvisation and performance skills.

In the last week of November we were very lucky to have a Jewish lady visit us to help us develop our knowledge and understanding in our RE topic. She taught us all about what life is like when you are Jewish and she even brought some special bread, clothes and books for us to look at (and try!)

Look out for a letter coming soon regarding an upcoming trip in Spring term!

Year 5 October 2019

This month Year 5 have worked very hard in English to produce our very own explorer guides! We put ourselves in the shoes of someone who has stranded in an inhospitable environment (such as the rainforest, desert or polar regions) and wrote instructions and explanation about how they could produce shelter, tools, food and water to survive. It was also a great chance to apply our knowledge of modal verbs!

In Maths, we have continued to expand our knowledge of place value, working with much larger numbers and have also looked at a range of mental methods that we can use to help us calculate with increasing large and decimals numbers in our heads! We are looking forward to our next units where we will be looking at formal methods of calculation for all 4 operations.

In science we have been completing our unit on space by looking at the phases of the moon and eclipses. Everyone showed that they had been listening and working hard by doing well in our end of unit assessment. We will be starting our new unit on forces after half term.

After using our debugging skills on our own coding, lots of us managed to create a working reaction timer in our computing unit about robotics. We are very excited about moving onto our next unit, which is music, and more specifically, old school hip hop! Please ask us for our best rendition of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’!

In RE we have continued our learning about Judaism, and are looking forward to welcoming a Jewish visitor to explain her experiences in November.

September 2019 

We have enjoyed studying our sculpture topic in Art and have created some sculptures using paper and sellotape and our knowledge of colour theory. Next, we are starting our Computing topic based on robotics!

In English we have written some fantastic acrostic poems based on ‘The Lost Words’. We based our poems on nature and chose to write about either: Ivy, Conkers, Magpies or Dandelions. Our next topic is based on writing an Explorer’s Guide.

We continue to work through place value units in Maths and have so far covered: reading and writing numbers to 1 million, rounding, negative numbers and decimals! We will be looking at: factors, prime numbers and calculating mentally next month.

We have looked at the orbit of the moon and Earth in Science and considered how this affects shadows. We look forward to finding out more about the sun, moon and eclipses this half term!

In PE we have been developing our skills in dodgeball and our stamina in cross country.

Autumn 2019
Welcome back! We hope that all of Year 5 had a restful summer and are ready for the year ahead! 
We are very excited about our learning this term and will be starting with: place value in Maths, poetry in English, Earth and space in Science and Art for our foundation subject. 
We hope that you will have all seen the Bookflix reading homework for this term, and look forward to hearing about all the books and tasks that the children complete. They will also be receiving weekly spelling homework and should keep up with their times table fluency using TTRockstars.
PE will be on the following days although it is useful for children to have their PE kit in school as often as possible for clubs and trainers for Golden Mile (if required).
5A: Tuesday and Friday
5C: Monday and Friday
5H: Thursday and Friday
Please remember to send children to school with a coat if rain is forecast as we like to take the opportunity to go outside for some fresh air, even if it is a little rainy!
If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask your child’s class teacher. 


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