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Admissions and Parental Consent Form

To be completed by the parent/adult responsible for a child/young person.

Basic Information

Is English an additional language?*
Main mode of travel*
Does your child have Free School Meals?*

Emergency Contact Information

We require 2 emergency contacts as a minimum. If you are supplying contact details other than parent/carer you confirm they have given permission for their details to be shared.

Main Contact Details (we will call this person first in an emergency)

Select one of the following*

Alternative Contact Details

Select one of the following*

Additional Contact Details

Select one of the following*

Diet and Medical Information

Does the above person have a medical condition requiring medical treatment or medication?*
Does he/she have any special dietary requirements?*
Does your child have any food allergies?*

Parental Consent

Local visits include (for example) local sporting events, workshops at other local schools and field trips in the local community and Old Town area & hereby give my consent for my child to participate in such visits. I also understand that my child may leave the school premises at other times when I will be informed separately by letter and when further consent will be required from me

He/she may leave the school premises for local visits*
My child can be transported in the private vehicles of staff/volunteers supervising a visit. If my child is under 135cm I will provide a booster seat.*
Do you give permission for your child to sample foods within curriculum activities?*
My child can receive medical treatment as necessary, including first aid in school?*
My child is able to watch PG rated films if deemed appropriate by the school*

Seesaw is a parental engagement app which allows your children to share what they have been learning with you.

I give consent for you to share my child’s information with Seesaw*

TTRockstars is an online tool that we use in school (and at home) to practice times tables.

I give consent for you to share my child’s information with TTRockstars*

Other than our weekly newsletter, Almond Hill would like to keep you updated with relevant information and events via email, letter, or telephone. This can include flyers or information from external organisations.

I would like to receive information from Almond Hill*

Image Consent

Please ensure you have read the image consent terms of use click to view
image consent form

I give permission for my child’s image to be taken and used as described in the conditions of use .*
My child can be filmed during lessons as part of the teacher’s development programme using the school’s secure video system.*

There may be times when we create videos in school that include your child's voice and with your permission, we may like to add these to our website, use them in our newsletters or share them with parents.

Do we have your permission to use your child's audio in online publications?*

Online Safety Acceptable Use Agreement Primary Pupils

Please read the online safety rules carefully and share with your child.
click to view the online safety agreement

Please confirm you have read the online safety agreement and shared this with your child.*

Home School Agreement

click to view the home school agreement

I confirm I have read and agree to the Home School Agreement*
I confirm my child has read and agrees to the Home School Agreement*

School Dog

click to view the school dog letter

Select at least one of the following*

Parental Agreement

I confirm that all the information I have given is correct and I will undertake to inform the school of any change in circumstances as soon as possible.*