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Learning Updates

Spring Update


In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division using arrays to support us. We know that these are commutative just like addition and subtraction and if you know a multiplication fact then you must know the inverse and the fact family! For example: we know 6 x 3 = 18 so 18 / 6 must = 3 and 18 /3 must = 6! We have applied this understanding to word problems and continued using RUCSAC to help us solve these.

In English we have been working from ‘The Spider and the Fly’ - a poem written in 1929 by Mary Horritz. We have been thinking about persuasion and which types of language help to persuade people to do something. We used this language when creating a gruesome meal and the chef was the spider from the book. We wrote a menu and persuaded the fly to come into our parlour and eat it! We have also thought about poetry. We have focused on Kenning poems. We know these are two line poems made up from nouns and verbs. They are like riddles and give clues to what the poem is about without mentioning the actual topic or theme. I wonder if you can guess what the Kennings poem below is about?

In other areas of the curriculum we have been learning about food tech in DT. We have researched vegetables and thought about these in relationship to our science work on healthy living. We taste tested some vegetables and then got to work designing our very own ‘vegetable medley’. We have thought about packaging too and understand the purpose of packaging. We designed packaging for our vegetable medley and included all of the elements we explored when we looked at various other products.


In Maths we have learnt how to use formal methods to calculate. We continued to rehearse our problem solving skills using the RUCSAC strategy. Children also began to gather an understanding of ‘time’ in our ‘measurement’ unit. We rehearsed telling the time to the nearest minute and solving problems with units of time and what ‘am and ‘pm’ mean. We also thought about differences between analogue and digital clocks and the use of Roman Numerals. 

In English we have been working from ‘Winter’s Child. The children have really enjoyed the wintery story about a boy called Tom who meets a new friend - but he isn’t your average friend! We did lots of writing based on the book including a diary entry, a setting description and our final written outcome was a letter to Winter’s Child. The second text for this half term was ‘Flotsam’ - the story of a boy who finds something very special on a visit to the beach. The children loved exploring the ‘Brownie box camera’ like the one in the story. 

In other areas of the curriculum we have been learning about musical instruments in French. We have thought about what makes a good friend in PSHCE. In History, we worked o a ‘Romans’ unit where we considered what life was like in Roman times and how this might be different for a soldier in the Legionary. In Science we finished our work on ‘Rocks’ by researching scientist Mary Anning. After this we began our unit on ‘Animals including Humans’ which began with learning all about nutrition and what living things need to survive.