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New Classes for September 2021

Year 3 Team 

3C Mrs Katie Brocklehurst

3K Mrs Kate Bond

3B Miss Louise Coulter (who is getting married in the summer and will be known as Mrs Louise Barham)

Support Staff:  Mrs Sarah Wilkinson, Miss Louise Hall, Mrs Monika Paszek

Year 4 Team

Current 3C will become 4L (Mrs Roisin Lyons)

Current 3S will become 4J (Mrs Helen Joannou)

Current 3K will become 4H (Miss Lauren Hayllar)

Support Staff: Mrs Karen Johnson, Mrs Lisa Goddard (new to school in September)

Year 5 Team

Current 4L will become 5A (Miss Lydia Andrews)

Current 4C will become 5C (Mrs Karen Cleaves)

Current 4H will become 5P (Miss Rebecca Porter)

Support Staff: Mrs Sarah Barker, Mrs Corinne Hewitt, Mrs Alison Hodgkinson, Mrs Helen Salam-Khan

Year 6 Team

Current 5J will become 6S (Miss Vikki Simmons)

Current 5P will become 6O (Mrs Gabby Osborne / Mrs Jo Geer)

Current 5A will become 6J (Ms Jacyn Stewart)

Support Staff: Mrs Susan McLellan, Mrs Fiona Pearce

SENCO : Mrs Shahnaz Birchall

Pastoral Team : Mrs Gemma Burgess, Mrs Rebecca Bell

Cover Supervisors: Miss Becky Harris, Mrs Jacqueline Richardson, Mrs Janet Pridmore, Mrs Susan Lamacraft

Achievement Mentors: Mrs Sharon Start (upper school), Mrs Joanne Hukin (lower school)

PE Coach : Mr Milo Keane