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School Government

Almond Hill School Government

Every year, children at Almond Hill vote for their Prime Minister and government. Children in Year 6 are invited to form ‘parties’ and canvas children for their votes. 

Each party has to come up with a school, local, national and international pledge that they promise to fulfil through the year. 

October 2019 - Government Update

’Hi, we are the Super 7, your new government!
Prime Minister: Bobby
Deputy: Taya

Members: Grace, Johnny, Mia, Miller and Sophie J.

Dates for our pledges are coming soon!

We look forward to working with you…’

February 2019 

Homework Writing Competition:

Royal Reds would like to announce (as promised!) their story competition. The deadline for the competition is the 4th March.

Please write the most imaginative story you can think of, there will be a winner from each class. There is a word limit of 250 words. Your story can be about anything!

Autumn Term

The government are currently organising their first culture dinner with the school kitchen. They have also been helping to organise a 'Reverse Advent Calendar' to donate much needed items to a foodbank in Stevenage for Christmas.

School Government - 2018

Prime Minister: Maddie

Deputy: Evie

Cabinet: Evie H, Brooke, Lucy, Ava, Jayden and Jake.


Learning: 250 word imagination story - a competition where children can win a reading prize.

School improvement: 'Food culture day' each term - food from a different culture for school dinners (chosen by the children)

Helping others: Raising money for Cancer research, to include a 'fun splat'.