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WhatsApp Student View January 2022

What year are you in?*
Do you have your own WhatsApp account?*

If you answered no, please skip to the last question.

Have you ever received a scam message (e.g. you have won a prize) on WhatsApp from a stranger?
Have you ever been contacted by someone that you have not given your number to on Whatsapp?
Have you ever shared someone's phone number on WhatsApp without asking them first?
Do you have 'disappearing messages' enabled on your WhatsApp account?
Have you ever received a message on WhatsApp that has disappeared without you deleting it?
Have you ever been sent a message/photo/video on WhatsApp that is unkind/has hurt your feelings/made you feel uncomfortable?
Are you in any 'Group Chats' on WhatsApp?
Have other people in the chats ever shared your contact details with others, without your permission?
Has the 'Only Admin' person(s) ever hurt your feelings by blocking your messages or taking you off the group?
Have you ever wanted to get out of a WhatsApp 'Group Chat' but feel pressured to stay as you worry you may upset the others in the chat?
Have you ever written/sent hurtful messages/images to someone on WhatsApp?
Do you regret doing it?
On WhatsApp, have you ever received a hurtful message/image/video or one that makes you feel uncomfortable?
On WhatsApp, have you ever received messages from your friends/others after 10pm?
On WhatsApp, do you have the 'Live Location' sharing feature enabled on your settings?
Does your parent/carer see/check your WhatsApp account?
Do you feel pressured by friends/others to be on WhatsApp?