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January 2024

Annabel (4O) passed her level 6 at swimming the week before Christmas and has started the new year as a purple hat!

Kayal in Year 4 recently received her level 3 certificate for swimming. Well done!

Jude in 3W got 'Man of the Match' at football at the weekend for his great defending and he even scored a goal. Well done!

Teddy was graded in Taekwondo just before Christmas and achieved his blue belt. He was also awarded 'best grader' at his Taekwondo club. Fantastic!

Noah has just gone up to stage 4 in his swimming class after getting a number of badges for water safety and 25m swimming. Congratulations!

It was a great weekend for Summer and Jude who both received 'Player of the Match' at their games at the weekend. Well done! 

A big well done to Daisy who has now passed her level 6 and moves on to purple hats in swimming!