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Achievements in Sports

Almond Hill achieved a Gold Mark for School Games in 2018/19 and 2019/20. The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme which launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. 

Stevenage Sporting Futures Team 

With the collaborative partnership of our school and Stevenage Sporting Futures Team we are able to offer the children a fully inclusive variety of sporting experiences, festivals and competitions, along with support and training for our staff.  We are proud to be a Sports Premium Plus school of the Stevenage Sporting Futures Team.

Meet our Football Team
Sporting Events and Team Updates

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  • Netball Update - Almond Hill vs St Nicholas

    Published 15/05/24

    Our netball team played very well against St Nicholas on Tuesday. The passing down the court really impressed our spectators, with some of the defensive players bringing the ball up to our goal third. Unfortunately, the goals just wouldn't go in for us so the game ended 6-2 to St Nicholas. Well done to the whole team for another consistent performance. Amelia, our captain, gave some inspiring team talks at each interval - well done. 

    Team: Isabella, Amelia (C), Lola, Daisy, Ava, Hetty and Kornelija. 

    Players' Player: Amelia 

    Coach's Player: Kornelija 

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  • Netball Update

    Published 10/05/24

    This team worked exceedingly hard to finish 0-0 against Ashtree in this home match. The progress of the whole team really showed during this match, with superb defending keeping Ashtree from scoring a single goal. We had plenty of attacks but could not seem to score. The result does not tell the story of the determination and teamwork shown throughout. Well done again to a team that is progressing beyond belief.

    Captain: Daisy

    Players' Player (voted by the opposition): Isabella

    Coaches' Player: Amelia

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  • Athlete Visit

    Published 08/05/24

    Years 3 and 4 had the privilege of a visit from GB athlete Lesley Owusu. They completed an exciting fitness circuit (to raise sponsorship money for new sports equipment) and asked insightful questions during the assembly and discussion. We hope the children were inspired and motivated to try their best.

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  • Almond Hill vs Aston – Quarter Finals!

    Published 01/05/24

    Both sides had some good chances at the start of the game until Harry scored the first goal for Almond Hill! A couple of minutes later, we were awarded a penalty which was scored by Harry followed shortly after by another Almond Hill goal from Teddy.  Aston had some good chances at goal and were successful in scoring just before half time.

    Aston came out strong after the break and scored another goal putting Almond Hill under pressure. Despite Almond Hill playing really good football, Aston were strong in attack. With just 7 minutes left, Aston capitalised on a mistake at the back and scored again. Almond Hill then had a big opportunity to score but sadly missed. Aston kept the pressure until they scored again – the score was 4-3 to Aston at this point and we were heartbroken…

    With 50 seconds to go, Harry scored again, giving him a hattrick and pushing the score to 4-4 taking the game to penalties! Almond Hill won the game on penalties, taking us to the semi-finals!

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  • The Year 5 Netball team have won their first match!

    Published 01/05/24

    The girls played brilliantly against St Nicholas. They defended well, held the ball and used the space around them. Amelia and Daisy worked well together to make sure their shots were accurate.  We won 5 - 2! Well done girls.  

    Opposition Player's Player: Amelia

    Players' Player: Daisy

    Coaches' Player: Maddison

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  • Year 5 Tag Rugby

    Published 26/04/24

    Our brilliant Year 5 tag rugby players thoroughly enjoyed themselves at Stevenage Rugby Club on Thursday 25th April. The children worked around a circuit of very exciting rugby stations before having the opportunity to play some tag rugby matches against each other. Many players showed a keen interest in the sport and were noted for their great sportsmanship and effort at the festival - well done to all.

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  • Rapid Fire Cricket

    Published 28/03/24

    Nine players from Almond Hill attended a Rapid Fire Cricket Festival at Barnwell on Wednesday 27th March. After playing six other school teams, they finished with an impressive 344 runs. The fielding skill and the encouragement for others they displayed was great to see, especially since this was the first event a lot of these children had ever attended. Huge congratulations to Noah for winning Coach's Player and to Marley for being voted as Players' Player.

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  • Netball Match Report

    Published 28/03/24

    The girls played netball brilliantly against Ashtree yesterday! They defended well, got into space when needed and had a couple of shots on target. Although we didn't win, the team made Almond Hill proud! Player's player went to Amelia-Jane and the coaches' player was Maddison. Well done girls. 

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  • Year 5 Handball

    Published 19/03/24

    Our Year 5 Handball team showed great enthusiasm and teamwork during their tournament on Wednesday last week. The team could not have tried harder to win a match and were determined throughout. The goals that both Dylan (5P) and Dylan (5S) scored were down to great passing and a real team effort in defence, as well as in attack. It was wonderful to see some pupils representing Almond Hill for the first time and show such a great attitude. Some huge goalkeeping efforts from Ronnie, Daisy and Dylan (5P). 

    Players' Player: Ronnie 

    Coach's Player: Daisy 

    Well done to the whole team! 

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  • Almond Hill vs Woolenwick

    Published 14/03/24

    Final Score Almond Hill 1 - 2 Woolenwick

    We went into the match 3 key players down so it was always going to be a tough one. Despite the scoreline, the team played well and definitely deserved the win. It wasn't our day today but there were lots of positives to take from this match. Good effort all. 

    Player's player - Oliver - who took an absolute belter to the face, took a minute to shake it off and was straight back in goal. Superb!

    Manager's player - Alex - another solid role model performance. 

    A big thank you to Roman who stepped up for a second time this season to help the team out when we were low on players (Well done Roman) and to Mr Gibson, Teddy's (Mr penalty's!) Dad for stepping in to ref - very much appreciated. 

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  • Netball Match vs Shephalbury

    Published 07/03/24

    With three of our squad never having played in a competitive netball match before, we were expecting a tight game against Shephalbury. Lois managed to score the first goal of the match, which showed our attack force were ready for a good game. Unfortunately, no more of our shots at goal were successful but a 4-1 loss against a very experienced squad should not dishearten this team. Daisy, Amelia and Maddison impressed throughout - well done on your first game for Almond Hill. Thanks also to Isabella, our injured player, who scored the game for us. Some of our passing and defending was tremendous. 

    Players' Player (voted by Shephalbury): Olivia 

    Players' Player (Almond Hill): Hetty 

    Keep it up, girls - we will achieve our first win soon. 

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  • Year 4 Rapid Fire Cricket

    Published 06/03/24

    10 children from Almond hill attended the Rapid Fire Cricket competition at Barnwell on Tuesday. Two children from Year 6 came to help and assisted the staff with the scoring and handing out medals and did a fantastic job! Our year 4 team showed true sportsmanship. They supported and encouraged each other throughout and were a joy to watch. They thoroughly enjoyed playing against the 9 other Stevenage schools and despite not making the finals, they didn’t let this affect their morale or attitude. Their behaviour was outstanding. Well done Almond Hill team, you did yourselves and your school proud.

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  • Football Match 28.02.2024

    Published 01/03/24

    The squad went into the cup game a little nervous after previously losing 5-0 to Round Diamond in the league but they were all up for it and went out onto the pitch wanting to take the win. We played 9 v 9 as it was a cup match meaning we didn't have any subs and frustratingly, had to play on a 7 x 7 smaller pitch yet, this didn't stop them from bringing home a fantastic 7-0 victory! A clean sheet for Teddy and Oliver. We started strong from the whistle and continued to play well as a team until the final whistle, 7 goals later. The positive communication between the team was at its very best - truly a joy to watch. Miss Simmons thanks every one of you...

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  • Sports Hall Athletics Competition

    Published 14/02/24

    A group of 24 Year 6 athletes headed to Barnwell for a Sports Hall Athletics Competition on Tuesday 13th February. All children competed in a range of track and field events, including relays, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, chest push, speed bounce and javelin. Some good performances from our Almond Hill pupils with the sportsmanship being shown a true joy to see. Unfortunately, our athletes didn't place in the top three but all enjoyed participating and cheering each other throughout the event. 

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  • Football Update - Wix Cup

    Published 08/02/24

    It was always going to be tough with a few children off sick, a stand in player and no subs! Sadly after a superb first half which ended 1-1 after a goal from Harry, we lost against King James 3-1 meaning we are now out of the cup. The children played well as a team and had a few chances that did not go their way and on a different day, a different score line may have been reflected! This week's player's player was Teddy and Cleo took home the manager's player - well done to all. A big thank you to Roman who stepped up for the first time to help us out and tried really hard - good shift, well done Roman!

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  • Herts Cross Country Championships in Bushey

    Published 08/02/24

    On Saturday 3rd February, Almond Hill were represented by ten cross country athletes at The Herts Cross Country Championships in Bushey. The first race saw Alex and Mas, our Y6 boys, motivate the team by running a great race and smiling the whole way around the course. The Y6 boys were followed by our Y6 girls, Sophie and Willow, who managed some good placings also. Y5 boys (Eddie, Alex and Louie) were up next; they ran an extremely good race together. To achieve placings in the top fifty in the county was extremely pleasing. Y5 girls (Marley, Isla and Laxmitha) kept up the Almond Hill efforts and all pushed themselves hard to the finish line. A very proud Mrs Fordham and Mrs Small really enjoyed spending the morning with a fabulous bunch of athletes. Well done, Almond Hill runners.

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  • Almond Hill King vs James Academy Royston (Wix Cup)

    Published 05/02/24

    It was always going to be tough with a few children off sick, a stand in player and no subs! Sadly, after a superb first half which ended 1-1 after a goal from Harry, we lost against King James 3-1 meaning we are now out of the cup. The children played well and as a team and had a few chances that did not go their way. On a different day, a different score line may have been reflected! This week's player's player was Teddy and Cleo took home the manager's player - well done to all. A big thank you to Roman who stepped up for the first time to help us out and tried really hard - good shift, well done Roman!

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  • Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament at Giles

    Published 02/02/24

    Year 5/6 football tournament at Giles.

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  • Netball - Almond Hill vs Ashtree

    Published 23/01/24

    Another great game of netball from Almond Hill, who faced a strong team from Ashtree. There were some great attacking moments but only one of them finished with a goal. Play finished with a final score of 5-1 to Ashtree but that's not a reflection of the improvement the team are making. Players' Player was awarded to Hetty and Coaches' Player awarded to Lola. Well done to the whole team for showing great resilience.

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  • Football - Almond Hill vs Aston

    Published 23/01/24

    We had a great game yesterday against Aston School and we won 4-0.
    Goals were scored by George, Alex, Harry and Deniz. We worked really hard as a team and it was by far our best game yet. We hope to bring this momentum into our next game. The Player’s Man of the Match was awarded to Harry and the Manager’s Player of the Match was Dawson.

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  • Year 5 and 6 Futsal

    Published 23/11/23

    The boys were up for the Futsal tournament from the start; the first game saw us start fast and get the first goal. Unfortunately, the ref gave a goal against us (it was kicked out of the keeper's hands). We were unlucky with the decision but we carried on.

    The boys continued to use that enthusiasm into the next game with more goals and a win. To add to that, was a big win in the next game with a hat trick from Dawson. For me, this was the game of the day as the Futsal all the boys played (and the passing and moving) was the best I had seen in the tournament. 

    After lunch time, the boys seemed to have lost their momentum a bit. We lost the next two games. One was close and the other was a clear loss to the league winners. The boys still played good Futsal though and didn't give up. This saw them get 3rd place in league 1 and set them up to play 3rd place in league 2, both playing for 5/6th position. This was a tight game and ended in a 1-1 draw. We all thought we were going to penalties but the organisers then awarded us 5th position (out of 12 teams).

    The boys worked so hard throughout and played some amazing Futsal; they showed some admirable teamwork and resilience. They should all be very proud of themselves - I was very proud of them all.

    Dawson (5)
    Harry (2)
    Mason (2)
    Ollie (1)
    Rocco (1)
    Players' Player - Mason and George
    Coach's Player - Ollie (by far the best goalkeeper in the tournament)

    I would like to finish by saying how well behaved all the boys were throughout the day. They were, by far, the best behaved school in comparison to those around them. Well done to Almond Hill.

    Mr Hewitt.

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  • Almond Hill vs Round Diamond

    Published 16/11/23

    On Wednesday, our Year 6 team had their first school match against Round Diamond. It was sadly not Almond Hill's day and the team lost 5 - 0. However, there were so many positives that the team can take from the match. I would usually ask on of the children to write a match summary but felt I wanted to do it this week. I would like to express just what a fantastic team they are. There was so much teamwork and selflessness in their play and despite being behind and on the backfoot their heads never dropped. They supported each other and there was no blame. They make me and their parents so proud. This week's 'Player's Player' was Keiyan - very well deserved! The 'Manager's player of the week' went to Dawson - again, well earned! It wasn't our day today team but next time it will be! Gooo Almond Hill! 

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  • Netball - Almond Hill vs St. Nicholas

    Published 15/11/23

    Almond Hill were again gracious in defeat against St. Nicholas in their second match as a Y5 team. The final result of a 3-1 loss doesn't tell the story of the improvement in all of the players to date - some of them playing in their first ever netball match today. Congratulations to Lois for scoring our first ever Y5 goal and to Isabella for an amazing amount of interceptions as GD. There were some very fluent movements of the ball down the court in the fourth quarter - the girls managed to find the open spaces well. 

    Well done to Ava for being nominated as 'Player of the Match' by the opposition and to Hettie for leading her team so well as captain.

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  • Netball - Almond Hill vs Shephalbury

    Published 15/11/23

    Almond Hill Y5 played their first ever netball match on Friday. After keeping the score at 0-0 for the first quarter with some great defending, Shephalbury managed to go 1-0 up during the second quarter. There was more brilliant defending throughout the match, with wonderful interceptions by Olivia. Almond Hill gave a few good attacks but could not manage to score any goals, with the final score being 3-0 to Shephalbury. The team morale stayed high throughout the game; the other team even noted what a super team we were. Special mention to Hettie, who was chosen as 'Player of the Match' by the opposition - fabulous footwork and movement around the court.

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  • Year 5 Benchball

    Published 07/11/23

    Our Year 5 Benchball team represented Almond Hill with such passion and respect at this competitive event; it was a true pleasure to see them working as a team in such a quick-paced environment. After a slow start against the first two schools we faced, we were unbeaten for the remaining seven matches. When scores were announced, we found out that our team were in the top three. The final result went down to goal difference and we realised that one of our wins, 14-3 against Codicote, may give us an advantage in the table. Almond Hill were victorious and were awarded 1st place, with a goal difference of 31 points. Some incredible individual performances but the whole team should be immensely proud of their flying intercepts, their great attitude and their immense teamwork.

    Players' Player awarded to Elijah (5S).

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  • Football Update

    Published 04/10/23

    Autumn Tournament at Shephallbury School - 4th October 

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  • Stevenage Sporting Futures Cross Country

    Published 28/09/23

    Year 5 and 6 took part in The Stevenage Sporting Futures Cross Country event at Fairlands Valley on Thursday afternoon. Over 15 local primary schools took part and there were approximately 360 children who raced. Each school submitted a Year 5 girls’ and boys’ team and a year 6 boys’ and girls’ team of up to six runners in each category. There were approximately 90 children in each race and the nerves and adrenalin were definitely palpable in the air!  Many AH family members attended to show their support for the children and their presence definitely spurred everyone on. Almond Hill's results were amazing! Out of the 15 participating schools, Almond Hill took home two team trophies: Year 5 girls' team and Y5 boys' team both placing first. The Y6 girls' team also placed an impressive second place. There were also some incredible individual wins; Arthur in 5W came joint first place in his race, Hettie in 5P came third place in her race and Teddy in 6C came in third also. These children all received individual medals.  Eddie in 5S narrowly missed out on an individual medal in fourth place. Well done to all who attended - everyone gave it their all. There were many examples of great sportsmanship from the AH children and they certainly seized the challenge and opportunity to climb high. A proud day for the Almond Hill community.

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  • Year 6 Sports Leadership Course

    Published 25/09/23

    Our new Year 6 Sports Captains represented Almond Hill perfectly when attending a leadership course last Thursday. They are now confident in leading activities for groups of children across the school and are looking forward to becoming our first set of leaders here at Almond Hill.

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