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Year 4, 5 and 6 Athletics

A team of twenty Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 athletes headed to Ridlins Athletics Track for a full day of track and field events. Every athlete competed in a track or field event, as well as a relay. We had many successes in lots of events across the day and were impressed by the support and teamwork shown by our competitors. Great work, Almond Hill. 

Y4 Team: 
Poppy K (2nd place relay) 
Bella (2nd place relay) 
Poppy L (2nd place relay) 
Emelia (2nd place relay & 1st place long jump) 
Tommy (2nd place relay) 
Jack (2nd place relay & 1st place 300m) 
Zain (2nd place relay) 
Louis (2nd place relay & 3rd place long jump) 

Y5/Y6 Team:
Mollie (finalist) 
Sophie (finalist) 
Delilah (finalist) 
Willow (finalist) 
Elijah (finalist) 
Adam (finalist) 
Summer (2nd place long jump) 
Hetty (1st place high jump) 
Arthur (3rd place relay) 
Teddy (3rd place relay) 
Rocco (3rd place relay) 
Harry (3rd place relay)