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Issue 11 - 24th November 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope children enjoyed their trips to the cinema over the last 2 weeks. This was a lovely experience for them all and tied nicely into Feeling Good Week. A big thank you to Miss Simmons for organising and securing the tickets. Year 5 had their trip to the Space Centre last week which I have heard fabulous things about!

What a wonderful end to Feeling Good Week!  The children of Almond Hill were delighted to hear Natalie Shay's songs and hear about her experiences.  They listened with great interest as she bravely shared her feelings about broken friendships, resilience and how important it is to try to turn a negative into a positive.  Many of the children stated that it was the first time that they had heard professional live music and it was a delight to see their captivated faces. Thank you, Natalie Shay!

Next week, we will be holding our very popular used book sale. These sales are held during the day so children will need to bring money into school if they would like to purchase any books (50p each). On Thursday, we have our first SEND and Pastoral Coffee Morning which is hosted by Mrs Birchall and Mrs Burgess and parents of children in Year 4 and 5 are invited to our DT afternoon. More details for these events can be found below.

Have a good weekend.

Emma Fordham,

Key Messages

Parent Survey Feedback

Beyond the national curriculum, what do you think are the key experiences to gain at Almond Hill?

I am very grateful that parents were able to go into such detail in response to this question. There was so much positive feedback that we have collated some of the words used to provide a snapshot of the responses. It’s particularly fantastic to see words like gratitude and empathy being used after having a focus on these values.

On the other hand, some parents said they didn’t feel there was much to offer aside from the usual curriculum. Last year, I understand that some trips were cancelled and although this was beyond our control, I know this was disappointing for those affected. This year, all year groups have at least one trip planned (some have already happened) including the Year 5 trip to the Space Centre, free cinema trips for all year groups, the Year 4 Faith Tour, Zoology trips, trips to the museum, our annual residential trip for Year 6 to Grafham Water as well as lots of other in school events like our recent Feeling Good Week. We are always conscious when arranging trips as we know there is a cost involved for parents but do feel it is important for children to have opportunities to go on school trips. We have also increased our offer of school clubs by investing in clubs run by Premier Education. We also have a well established school choir for children in the upper school and our ECO committee and Journalist club, as well as teacher led after school clubs which are free of charge.

Cinema Trips

As a school with high expectations for behaviour and learning where hard work is greatly valued, we believe taking advantage of occasional opportunities like trips to the cinema where there is no cost involved and that complement the curriculum are a good idea. We are also aware that for some children, trips to the cinema happen very rarely or not at all. However, given that we are always interested to know what you think, the best way to gather your feedback is to ask. Your feedback will help us to plan future events.

School Government

Every year, children at Almond Hill vote for their Prime Minister and government. Children in Year 6 are invited to form ‘parties’ and canvas children for their votes. Each party has to come up with a school, local, national and international pledge that they promise to fulfil throughout the year. All children had to the chance to vote for this year’s school government. The votes have been checked and verified and I am pleased to tell you that the winners were the Mini Meerkats! Well done to Willow, Abbie, Harmony, Bonnie, Alexia and Roman.

Flu Vaccinations -  Tuesday 28th November

Please be reminded the School Nursing Team will be in school on Tuesday 28th November to give flu immunisations to those children with consent.

SEND and Pastoral Coffee Morning – Thursday 30th November 8.45-9.30am

We are really looking forward to seeing parents and carers at our coffee morning on 30th November where Mrs Burgess and Mrs Birchall will be there to offer support and advice to parents about all things SEND and/or pastoral. I am also incredibly pleased to tell you one of our parents has offered to join us for the session. This particular parent has extensive personal experience about what it is like to have a child with SEND and pastoral needs. She is happy to offer support to parents who are in a similar situation to herself and her family having faced barriers throughout the primary school journey but with the help of school, has seen her child gain the necessary support to flourish in a secondary school provision. I am very grateful she is giving her time to offer families and carers a parent's view and I am sure there are many parents who could benefit from hearing about her experience. Please do come along.

Year 4 and 5 DT Afternoon - Thursday 30th November

On Thursday 30th November, we are inviting all parents from Year 4 and 5 to come in and join us for a DT afternoon as part of our Autumn term engagement events. Parents with children across both year groups are able to visit children in both classes and can move freely between the two. We will be trialling a QR signing in system to (hopefully) make it quicker for parents to sign in. Please bear with us. Children from Year 6 will be helping to support this event by showing you to your child’s class. The afternoon will start at 1.30pm (but please don’t worry if you can’t get to us until later, the doors will remain open) and will finish at 2.45pm to allow parents to collect siblings from Letchmore. You are very welcome to take children home at 2.45pm from any of the classes as you leave. Please go to the classroom door where your child will be signed out by the class teacher. If your child is in Year 6, please go to the front of Acorn House where a member of the Year 6 team will assist you. Only children that are being collected by their own parents/carers may be allowed to leave before 3.15pm.

Year 3 Musical - Thursday 7th December

The booking system for the musical closed today. We will now work out how many tickets we still have available and will be in touch with parents to let you know when the system will reopen to allow you to book any additional tickets. This will be on a first come first served basis. We will allow parents to book one additional ticket and will open the system in the evening to allow a fair chance for working parents too.

Using the School Drop off Zone

Please can I remind parents that the facility to ‘drop and go’ is for the mornings only. In the afternoons, there is an expectation that parents park, get out of the car and collect their children from their classrooms. This is to keep all children safe as having unattended children walking through the car park presents a significant health and safety risk. Parents should not walk through any of the vehicle gates. This models to children that this is safe behaviour when it isn't. There are pedestrian gates either side of the vehicle gates. Please see the illustration below for a reminder.

Diary Dates

School Dinners

Don't forget to preorder your child's lunches! 
Follow the link below to order. 

You can pre-order from home for the day, week, month or even the term.


Year 3 – 95.8%
Year 4 –94.5%
Year 5 –93.8%
Year 6 –93.4%
All students – 94.3%
Class winners 3A - 98.5%
The government expectation for attendance is 96%

ouse Points

Click the link below to see our house points totals. 

Almond Hill Achievements 

Click the button below to see all the wonderful things our children have achieved outside of school. 

Upcoming Friends of Almond Hill Events

Christmas Present Room - Friday 8th December
Christmas sweet jars – details to follow.

In Other News…

After School Clubs
Please be reminded, next week is the last week for clubs.

The School Trip to Leicester Space Centre   

On this fun day, which was Wednesday 15th November 2023, Year 5 ventured out to Leicester Space Centre! It was an amazing sight only eyes could describe. There were lots of places to explore like The Planetarium.  The Planetarium was the most spectacular attraction in the whole place. Linking to that, apparently it is one of the BIGGEST PLANETARIUMS IN EUROPE!! Moving on from that, we were all spellbound because of a 42metre Rocket!! The children who brought money (£7.50) would all agree how wonderful the gift shop was. The teachers loved every bit of it as well. This trip was very informative and was a very good idea. Hopefully, the next Year 5’s will enjoy it as much as we did. Although very educational, every one of us had a laugh! 

By George B 5P. 

Year 5 and 6 Futsal

The boys were up for the Futsal tournament from the start; the first game saw us start fast and get the first goal. Unfortunately, the ref gave a goal against us (it was kicked out of the keeper's hands). We were unlucky with the decision but we carried on.

The boys continued to use that enthusiasm into the next game with more goals and a win. To add to that, was a big win in the next game with a hat trick from Dawson. For me, this was the game of the day as the Futsal all the boys played (and the passing and moving) was the best I had seen in the tournament. 

After lunch time, the boys seemed to have lost their momentum a bit. We lost the next two games. One was close and the other was a clear loss to the league winners. The boys still played good Futsal though and didn't give up. This saw them get 3rd place in league 1 and set them up to play 3rd place in league 2, both playing for 5/6th position. This was a tight game and ended in a 1-1 draw. We all thought we were going to penalties but the organisers then awarded us 5th position (out of 12 teams).

The boys worked so hard throughout and played some amazing Futsal; they showed some admirable teamwork and resilience. They should all be very proud of themselves - I was very proud of them all.

Dawson (5)
Harry (2)
Mason (2)
Ollie (1)
Rocco (1)

Players' Player - Mason and George

Coach's Player - Ollie (by far the best goalkeeper in the tournament)

I would like to finish by saying how well behaved all the boys were throughout the day. They were, by far, the best behaved school in comparison to those around them. Well done to Almond Hill.

Mr. Hewitt

Year 4 Parents
Children in Year 4
will be participating in the multiplication tables check (MTC) in June. This is an on screen test consisting of 25 questions and its purpose is to determine if your child is able to recall their multiplications up to 12.

Please follow the link if you would like additional information about the MTC.