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Year 4 and 5 Writing Days

Year 5 had a wonderful 'inspire writing' day on Monday. Our two visitors re-enacted the story of Beowulf and Grendel (our year 5 class reader and English book), then discussed typical weapons that would have been used in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking times and then re-enacted (with some excellent volunteers) a famous battle before ending the day with a Q&A session. The children listened incredibly well and had some brilliant questions at the end. We will definitely use all our new knowledge to help our writing and history lessons. 

On Tuesday, Year 4 had a visit from Time Capsule Education. The children were introduced to their own fantasy adventure - a journey through a portal to Castle Courageous! We visited the local emporium to properly equip ourselves for an adventure, designed a companion to accompany our quest and planned our fantasy worlds where our stories will be set. We are looking forward to using these ideas next to inspire our writing.