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Wellbeing Visitor - Year 6

This week, Year 6 were very lucky to have a visit from Carol Lilley who is an Emotional Well-Being Trainer. She works for Herts Mind Network, Children and Young People and she delivered an 'Emotional Well-Being and Coping Strategies workshop' to the children. 

The key aspects of the session were to explain;

  • what mental health and well-being are
  • how the brain develops and functions and how this effects our emotional regulation
  • what coping strategies we can all use to regulate ourselves if we're feeling angry, upset or anxious
  • Lots of suggestions for positive steps that we can take to look after our emotional well-being 

The children were all very engaged and asked a lot of questions, contributing their ideas and feelings. As caring for our mental health is (very rightly) high on the agenda at the moment, we hope that the children found these sessions both informative and useful. There were lots of ideas shared and signposts to sources of support given.