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Dogs Trust Visit

The Dog's Trust visited Almond Hill this week! The week started with an Assembly about general dog safety to the whole school and what to do if you see dogs out in your everyday life. This was then followed up with a special visit to each classroom where children had the chance to ask questions and gain further understanding about dog safety. Some of our favourite facts were 'Did you know that raisins and grapes are poisonous for dogs?' and 'Dogs liked to be stroked on their backs and not have hands in front of their faces'. Children acted out how to get into safe positions if unfriendly dogs approached them and had a go at mimicking the noise level dogs hear by cupping their ears and making a loud noise. It has been a fantastic week of learning new things so thank you Mrs Burgess for organising and The Dog's Trust for all their hard work at our school this week.

November 2022

‘It was such a pleasure to visit your school, I was made to feel so welcome, and the pupils were so lovely to teach, so engaged and asked such interesting questions.’
Dogs Trust