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Therapeutic Thinking Hertfordshire Steps

Therapeutic Thinking Hertfordshire Steps is the local authority’s preferred approach to supporting positive behaviour management in schools and settings. The Therapeutic Thinking Steps approach forms part of the authority’s behaviour strategy. It has been agreed through the SEND Executive and forms part of Hertfordshire’s Local Offer.

What is Therapeutic Thinking Hertfordshire Steps?

Therapeutic Thinking Hertfordshire Steps is a therapeutic approach to positive behaviour management and is already well established in many of our education settings and services. The Therapeutic Thinking Steps approach is based on the following principles:

  • shared focus on inclusion of all children and young people within their educational settings
  • a shared set of values and beliefs
  • open and shared communication
  • a shared commitment to diversion and de-escalation
  • shared risk management
  • shared reparation, reflection and restoration

Staff at the school receive regular training updates from Hertfordshire County Council and our staff fully believe in the benefits a therapeutic approach brings to the wellbeing of our children and staff alike.  We have even offered coaching to our parents to encourage the principles to be used at home. Please look out for more opportunities to join us for future workshops.

With therapeutic thinking there is a focus on equity and not equality and we very much believe in giving children what they 'need' to learn. This is often linked to them feeling 'pro social and happy' and sometimes additional work is required to achieve this. 

This wall was on our school grounds was painted during Summer 2020

School Rules

We have very few rules and those we do have are concerned chiefly with safety, the happiness of the child and preparing for life in society.

We expect children to follow our rules:

  • We are silent when the teacher is talking.
  • We follow instructions immediately.
  • We let others get on with their work.
  • We respect each other.
  • We are safe

For our policies relating to behaviour, please click the link below to be taken to our polices page.