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Please take a look at the documents attached to this page. These have been uploaded to keep you informed on certain aspects within the school and curriculum. 

Almond Hill Junior School Curriculum

Over the past year, teachers at Almond hill have been reviewing our Curriculum. We have looked at what we are teaching and why and how we are delivering the Curriculum to our children.

In our review we have considered what we think is really good about our current offer and what we think we can develop to make it even better. We have also thought about the context of our school community and the world that our children are growing up in so we prepare them for a successful future as well as what our children have already learned when they come to our school.

We have looked beyond our own school at current research and what other schools are doing to form our plans and discussion has involved feedback from pupils. Governors have also been involved in working with staff to develop our ‘Curriculum Intent’ that you will find published below along with our plans which are published at the bottom of each of the year group pages

Due to COVID-19 we expect to make some changes which may differ from our Long Term Plans for autumn 2020. You can see the re-ordering of units for each year group below:

  • Year 3 - Geography, Art and History.
  • Year 4 - Art (still life), History (Ancient Egypt) and Geography (cities/Africa).
  • Year 5 - Geography,  DT and Music.
  • Year6 - Geography, Art and History.

We will be continuing to develop our new plans and starting to implement them over the rest of this academic year. The plans we are publishing are our first drafts and we expect them to be revised as we embed our new Curriculum.

You can view our Curriculum Intent here

Subject Leader Overview

Our Subject Leader Overview documents provide an overview of each curriculum subject detailing teaching units over the key stage and the progression of skills we are looking for children to follow in each year group. These documents are being implemented from September 20 and we expect they may evolve in 20/21.

You can view each subject leader overview by clicking on the links below:

Science and PE will be added soon.

School Performance Tables

Please click here for the current school performance table

Key stage 2 Results 

Please click here for the Key stage 2 results for 2018/19