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School Meals

Our children can enjoy a variety of good, fresh food, prepared daily in our school kitchen by our dedicated and devoted school cooks.  Our catering supplier is Hertfordshire Catering Limited who make it clear that their aim is to 'go above and beyond government guidelines on nutritional standards.'

Below is Our Current School Lunch Menu

This week year 3 will be having the hot lunch option. 

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
wc 12th Oct - Y5 only

wc 19th Oct - Y3 only
Sausages and Gravy with Creamed Potatoes Beefy Pasta Bolognaise Burger in a Bun with Potato Wedges Chicken Curry with Rice Fish Fingers with Low Fat Chips 
All other year groups Fish Finger Baguette
(packed lunch -no chips)
wc 12th Oct - Y5 only

wc 19th Oct - Y3 only
Jacket Potato with Cheese or Beans Jacket Potato with Cheese or Beans Jacket Potato with Cheese or Beans Jacket Potato with Cheese or Beans

Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Low Fat Chips

All other year groups Cheese and Tomato Pizza Slice
(packed lunch - no chips)
YELLOW Tuna Roll Ham Baguette Cheese Roll Chicken Mayo Wrap N/A
ORANGE Cheese Roll Cheese Baguette N/A
Cheese Salad Wrap

Menu w/c 2nd November 

Jacket potato will be with a cheese topping.

We do ask that payment for school meals are paid for daily, monthly, termly or half termly, in advance. This can be done through the school office by cash or cheque (cheque's made payable to Hertfordshire Catering Limited). Alternatively they can be paid for online through the School Gateway Website.

Dinner Money Debt

Due to the changes in guidelines, we will no longer be sending out letters with the children for dinner money debts. Therefore, please can we ask parents to check weekly the amount owing by using the Gateway app. If the outstanding amount goes over £20, we will send you an e-mail and ask you not to order any more meals until the debt is paid. If you are not signed up to use the app, here is the link to do so:- 


We encourage children to bring a healthy snack for break time e.g. a piece of fruit or chopped vegetables.  We do not allow sweets, crisps or cakes.  For safety reasons we do not allow children to bring any product containing nuts or traces of nuts for snacks or in their packed lunch.

Guidance on healthy school packed lunches can be found here.

Free School Meals 

Some families may qualify for free school meals. To find out more and to apply, please click here.