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School Meals

Our children can enjoy a variety of good, fresh food, prepared daily in our school kitchen by our dedicated and devoted school cooks.  Our catering supplier is Hertfordshire Catering Limited who make it clear that their aim is to 'go above and beyond government guidelines on nutritional standards.'

Food Allergies and Intolerances

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance you must inform the school so we can update our records. If your child has an allergy that requires them to have a special menu then you need to apply via the HCL website. We are unable to provide a school dinner until this has been done. We advise you to apply for the special menu even if you intend on providing a home packed lunch as you will not be able to order a school dinner at all, including Christmas dinner, if the special menu is not in place.

The on-line account system takes just minutes to create and complete and is really easy to use. You will need at hand:

  • Your child’s school details including class name
  • Medical evidence of your child’s medical requirements
  • Electronic Passport style photograph
  • To apply, simply go to

    Once you have created your account you will be able to easily update the school and HCL with any changes to your child’s dietary needs in the future and will automatically receive new menus when they change (twice yearly).

School Grid 

At Almond Hill, we use School Grid which is a web-based platform that enables parents to preorder their child’s lunch at home. Ordering a lunch is really easy and you can order for the following day or for the whole term! Ordering from home gives you control over what your child is eating each day. Children are not able to change the preorder in school, the default will always be what is selected from home.

Your child’s dietary requirements will be recognised by the system but if your child has a special menu, you will need to have this to hand when ordering.  

The cut off for ordering from home is 8.55am and we are able to place orders for late arrivers up until 10.30am. However, if a child arrives after this time and a preorder has not been made, they will be offered a cheese sandwich unless a home packed lunch has been provided.

A Message from Herts Catering

September 2022
We have noticed an increasing trend over the last term when meals are being pre-ordered on the meal ordering system and then are not being taken. This has resulted in meals being thrown away at the end of the meal service as the cook prepares meals according to the number ordered. This is creating a significant amount of food waste, which goes against our targets to be more environmentally sustainable. It also increases the cost of our food production which ultimately reflects into higher prices for our meals. 

Therefore, parents must cancel any pre-ordered meals for that day before 8.55am if their child will not be eating. If it is not cancelled, we will still be charging for the meal. 

Below is our current school lunch menu

School dinners cost £3.30​​​​​ 2024. We do ask that payment for school meals are paid for in advance, you can pay daily, weekly or termly. Payments can be made online through School Grid

You can download a printable version here.



We encourage children to bring a healthy snack for break time e.g. a piece of fruit or chopped vegetables.  We do not allow sweets, crisps or cakes.  For safety reasons we do not allow children to bring any product containing nuts or traces of nuts for snacks or in their packed lunch.

Free School Meals 

Your child could get a Free School Meal (FSM) if you satisfy the qualifying benefit criteria

Why apply for a FSM?

  • Your child will receive a healthy nutritional meal
  • It will not cost you a penny
  • Applying is quick and easy

How do I Apply?
Apply by visiting and selecting 'Children in year 3 and older'. You will need your National Insurance Number or Home Office number to hand.

Did you know?
Registering for a FSM helps schools identify anyone on low income; the school can then claim additional funding from the government, which can help towards extra computers, books, trips out and staff etc.