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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at Almond Hill 

Mrs K. Brocklehurst — 3C
Hello, I am Mrs. Brocklehurst, and I am new to Almond Hill as I only joined in January of this year, so we are all going to be learning together. I am excited about meeting you all and learning about the exciting topics that we have planned for the year. I have taught in different year groups from Reception up to year 6! I am especially interested in your journey into Junior school as the Deputy Head but also as a parent, as I have twins that are starting Junior school at the same time as you! 

My favourite subjects are English (as I love reading and writing and am always buying new picture books to share with anyone who will listen!) I also love PE and the outdoors (keeping fit and walking my dogs, who you will hear lots about!) and Art (as I like being creative and learning in different ways). I am really looking forward to the start of our school year together and creating our classroom for all the exciting adventures that we are going to go on.

Mrs L. Barham — 3B
Hello, I am Mrs. Barham and I have been teaching at Almond Hill for many years , I have taught in both Year 3 and Year 4. I have been teaching in Year 3 this year (3C) and I am excited to get stuck into the topics we have planned for you next year. We can't wait to meet you all and start our first topic, which is based around 'Journeys', and watch you start your own journey at our school.

When I am not in school, my interests include reading and, my biggest hobby, playing netball! I play twice a week for a local club and also run the Year 5 and 6 mixed netball team at Almond Hill.

Mrs K. Bond — 3K
Hi Year 3 (and especially 3K!), my name is Mrs. Bond. 

I have been a teacher at Almond Hill and have been in year 3 this year. Prior to working in a junior school, I worked in a Year 2 class for two years, so I know what getting ready for junior school is like.

I am really excited to help settle you all into a new school. My favourite subjects are English (because I love reading and writing stories), PE (because I love to keep moving) and DT and Art (because I love designing and making).  I can't wait to get to know you all and to start our new adventure together!