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Parent Feedback

If you have a child in more than one year group/class you may choose to complete the form for all children or complete it separately.

Communication and Engagment

Do you feel you receive adequate communication regarding what is happening at school?*
Do you read the weekly newsletter, our main method of communication?*
Do you look at the school's website?*
Do you feel that the school promotes and informs you about up to date online safety matters?
Do you feel that conflict is dealt with appropriately by the school?*
Are we meeting your child's needs?*
Do you use Seesaw?

The following questions are for those parents of children with SEND.

Have you been able to discuss your child's targets with the Class teacher?
Do you feel your child is making progress with their targets?
Do you feel your views are listened to?
Are you able to do any reading or other work with your child at home (in addition to home learning)?

Questions for parents/children with EAL

The Department for Education (DfE) records a pupil as using EAL if 'they are exposed to a language at home that is known or believed to be other than English.'

Do you consider your child to have EAL?
Do you consider yourself to have EAL?
If your child has English as an additional language, do you feel school has supported your child to develop their knowledge of English or provided resources to help them?
Would you like to meet with your child's class teacher to discuss this futher? (i.e how we can send communication)