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Parent Feedback

Over the last 12 months we have had to make many changes to the way we do things at school in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am sure there are some things you would be pleased to see going back to normal. However, there will be things you have liked or things you think have worked better. This survey will help us to understand how you feel and what changes you would like to see.

If you have a child in more than one year group/class you may choose to complete the form for all children or complete it separately.

Do you prefer children coming to school in their PE kit on PE days?*
Would you like (black) trainers to be considered part of our school uniform?*
We have held two virtual PTIs , please let us know how you would prefer these to run in the future. (please note, PTIs will be held virtually until government restrictions allow face to face)*
Please tell us what you would like homework to look like going forward*
How would you like to receive home learning?*
Would you like us to keep the year group email accounts open so you can contact your child's class teacher?*
Do you feel you receive adequate communication from the school?*
Do you look at the school's website?*
Do you feel that conflict is dealt with appropriately by the school?*
Are we meeting your child's needs and treating them as an individual?*